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What the program is:

Welcome to the Healing Roots Online School Asynchronized Learner Program! If your student prefers not to be in a classroom setting, or if your schedule as a parent or caregiver varies quite a bit, this option may be for you! In this program, all of the lessons taught will be via pre-recorded video, and can be accessed at your leisure. You can choose when to complete assignments, and what lessons to engage in.

How it works:

Register your student by submitting your payment at the bottom of this page. You will receive your login credentials that will give you unlimited access to all of the curriculum that our Teachers will make available weekly for your student, all school year. You and your student can view and complete the lessons when it fits your schedule, and you will not be required to adhere to the daily school schedule of the live classes.

The benefits:

Ease and flexibility of choosing what will be learned, when and for how long. Access to lessons from anywhere and at any time. Being a part of the Healing Roots School community you are welcome to attend any in-person meet-ups and community activities for Healing Roots! We love to get together and bring our learning full circle and engage with one another!

The cost:

The Asynchronized Learner Program is $3,000 for all academic subjects, for the entire Academic Year. Parents are required to register their child as a Homeschooler in their resident state. We accommodate students with an IEP as well.




Flexibility for families, co-ops and caregivers

For Homeschooling parents, co-op groups, busy caregivers or educators seeking only to supplement the learning your student(s) is/are already receiving, we offer the option to purchase just one academic subject from our Asynchronized Program for the whole school year. The cost to receive one single subject, complete with lessons and delivered by our certified teacher via recorded video, is just $800. Simply indicate which subject you would like when you make your purchase. Your Options are: Math, English Language Arts, Science, Art, Outdoor Education, Social Studies and Music. Please note: the purchase of a single subject is only available for grades 2 - 12. Grades K - 1 are only available as an all inclusive program.  If you educate a group of 10 or more students that you would like to register, you are eligible to receive a 10% group discount.  If you educate a group of 20+ students that you would like to register, you are eligible to receive a 15% group discount. For large groups, contact us first, before you purchase your subject(s).



Flexibility for schools and institutions

For traditional schools, learning facilities, early-learning institutions or any interested educational entity, our innovative, streamlined Asynchronized Program fits seamlessly into any academic school day, in any setting. Accessible on any device that supports Google, educators are able to simply plug-and-play, and allow students to learn, grow and thrive. Where there may be understaffing, lack of creative engagement, or gaps of time that need to be filled in the school year, our program is able to fill all voids, while promoting a truly natural, nurturing, social emotionally healthy, academically sound and community building program for students at all grade levels. All our educators are specialists in their field, so you know your students will get the best. Institutions can purchase the entire Asynchronized Program, or supplement their grade level with a single subject for the year. As noted above: the purchase of a single subject is only available for grades 2 - 12. Grades K - 1 are only available as an all inclusive program. Click the button below and schedule a meeting with us to learn how you can save time, costs and stress! Our flexible program for institutions includes special, incentivized pricing to meet your needs on your unique budget. Contact us today!