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Frequently asked questions

What is Healing Roots Online School's educational philosophy?

HROS believes that children must unfold to their fullest potential: emotionally; socially; intellectually; physically, creatively, artistically, and spiritually. Our approach honors all parts of a child’s development and offers opportunities to learn in a nurturing, learner-centered environment.

As children learn about themselves as individuals and become part of a community, they learn to speak a language of kindness, respect, and compassion for all. Exposure to nature helps students explore the connection between all living things, drawing upon their own innate knowing, intuition, and empathy. We practice daily mindfulness practices and are committed to cultivating and deepening our own awareness, personal relationships, and connections with the community.

How do we approach assessment?

Healing Roots Online School believes that the student, teacher, and the community bring rich and varied context to the learner experience. In this regard, we use a proficiency-based learning and assessment approach to provide context and relevance, while still ensuring a high fidelity to learner outcomes. Across the United States, proficiency-based systems are in the process of being implemented. We see ourselves on the leading edge of this approach due to our place-based and learner-centered philosophy.

How does the school measure student achievement and progress?

We use a proficiency-based model for measuring student achievement over time. Routine formative assessments such as Fountas and Pinnell and AimsWeb are used to gauge specific progress in literacy and math.

What content, skills and dispositions are taught?

Clear learning expectations are outlined. As students progress, they will be expected, under the guidance of our faculty, to demonstrate mastery of learning targets. Healing Roots Online School documents and reports out on this learning in real time to students, parents and teachers.

How is technology used to support teaching and learning?

HROS has developed a technology policy for students which begins with readiness and responsibility. The schedule alternates from online to offline approximately every thirty minutes depending on the age of the student.  

What are the school hours?

The school day is 9am- 3pm Mon to Thurs, Friday is unscheduled time for field trips or excursions. Check out our sample schedule here.

"Healing Roots Online School is a wonderful online schooling experience. It was a difficult decision to move our 3 children out of public school, but we have never regretted it. The children are learning much more while feeling relaxed and creative. Since coming to HROS they have begun to love to learn."

- Kathy C.