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Online Private School: Perfect For Parents Who Want to Be Highly Engaged

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Online education is not for everyone. It requires more of a parental time commitment than a typical in-person school, plus a bit more technical know-how. However, many parents welcome the opportunity to be more engaged in their child’s education without being the primary teacher.
Here are five reasons why many parents love online private schools:

1. Families Can Choose an Online Private School.

Each online private school has its own unique approach to education. Some schools offer a special educational focus, such as the arts or religious instruction, while others seek to recreate a public school education in an online format.
For example, Healing Roots Online School combines classical education with a focus on the natural world, agriculture, and social responsibility. The school creates project-based learning opportunities and encourages families to spend as much time as possible outside the home through gardening, hiking, field trips, and community involvement. The curriculum stresses local-to-global contexts and teaching to each child’s individual learning style.
On the other end of the spectrum, K12 seeks to provide an online education program with courses that are otherwise structured in much the same way as a traditional public school. Students have access to a variety of online electives. However, the curriculum generally does not provide as many opportunities to spend time outdoors or in the community.

2. Parents Can Help With School Projects and Field Trips.

In an online school, parents have numerous opportunities to help bring their child’s school subjects to life with experiential learning. Families are not limited to whatever the public school is willing to organize, so they are free to choose their own field trips, projects, and extracurricular activities.
Many parents enjoy choosing school projects that fit their child’s interests. For example, a parent whose child loves painting can choose to give their child more art projects that incorporate painting. Similarly, a parent can have their child learn about the natural world by tending their own garden with their favorite vegetables throughout the year rather than doing a short-term project with a potted plant.

3. Online Private School Schedules Are Often Flexible.

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One of the best perks of online private school education is that families have greater schedule flexibility. Parents don’t have to drop their kids off and pick them up at a physical building every day or take them to the bus stop, and class times are usually much more flexible.
Many families who travel throughout the school year choose to give their kids an online private school education. That way, kids can have an uninterrupted educational experience no matter where they are, even if they are on a boat, visiting relatives, or traveling to an out-of-state sports competition.
Similarly, some parents prefer to schedule most of their kids’ education around their workday so they can make the most of their time together at home. For example, a parent who works late in the day may prefer to have their child do most of their schoolwork in the afternoon and evening so the family can spend quality time together in the morning.

4. Families Help Students Stay On Track During the School Day.

Are you concerned that your child will be distracted in a traditional classroom setting? An online school gives you the opportunity to remove distractions, regularly check in throughout the day, and ensure your child stays on track.
Many families appreciate the opportunity to watch over their child’s learning progress and help them develop healthy learning habits. Some children do much better in a virtual school environment than in a traditional school.

5. Like Other Private Schools, Online Private Schools Are Close-Knit Communities.

Since public school is the default, families must go out of their way to send their child to a private school. As a result, both online and in-person private school families are more likely to be highly involved in their children’s education, which results in close-knit school communities. Families provide each other with support, resources, and encouragement to help each other make the best of virtual education.
Kids often spend time with their online private school friends after the school day ends, either through virtual or in-person meetups. Many online private school families who live in the same area choose to meet up with each other for field trips, school projects, and extracurricular activities.
Are you considering an online private school for your child? Watch a free sample class from Healing Roots Online School to see what a typical school day is like. Our students enjoy a mixture of live, synchronized class time and asynchronized learning that can be scheduled around the family’s needs.



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